About Us

Company History

Aquatrust was created one day when my children were eating their oatmeal for breakfast. We had recently moved to London, Ontario from Vancouver. In London, they use a lot more chlorine in the municipal water supply than they do in Vancouver. Our children were not used to the new smell and taste which the higher levels of chlorine added to their cereal.

After many months of research, Aquatrust was born. The municipalities do the best job they can do given the budgets they work with. However, Aquatrust is driven to provide a level of water quality that municipalities are just not able to.

Our business has grown to encompass residential solutions, commercial applications, air purification, duct cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the best quality water and air treatment solutions for people in all aspects of their daily lives; to properly educate people then provide these educated consumers with options that are better for them, their budget and the environment. We then provide a level of service after the sale that will enable them to enthusiastically refer us to others.