Water Filtration

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Centurion Environmentally Friendly Water Filtration Systems

The Centurion offers you an all-natural method of water filtration that will help you to condition your water, without a negative impact on our environment.

It uses a revolutionary process that removes the undesirable effects of hard water, without a harsh impact on the environment. The RainSoft Centurion wastes no water and does not discharge harmful salt brine into our limited fresh water supply. This technology allows for the conditioning of your water without the use of chemicals or the waste caused by traditional systems.

ultrefiner-iiUltrefiner II Premium Drinking Water System

Our premier drinking water system provides multiples lines of defense to protect the drinking water your family relies on.

The Ultrefiner System filters on a molecular level, preventing small particles and contaminants from slipping through less sophisticated drinking water systems. Equipped with three highly effective filters – pre-filter, Reverse Osmosis membrane and post-filter – the RainSoft Ultrefiner II addresses almost any water quality concern.

hydrefinerHydrefiner Filtration Systems

This compact, economical, carbon block drinking water system tucks neatly out of sight under your sink and dispenses a constant supply of purely delicious water through your dedicated RainSoft faucet. That means high quality water for drinking, cooking, making coffee and tea – just about anything you make with water!